Install the Dell PercCLI vib – Part 1

In my workplace we have a few hundred Dell 730XD servers and ESXi 6.0. They require the percli vib from Dell to be installed and have requirements to report on the status of the Perc Hardware/Firmware/Software used for a VSAN requirement.

The problem is the VIB supplied from Dell is not a Offline Bundle you can add to vMware Update Manager.

PercCLI for ESXi at

The Installation instructions basically from Dell tell you to SCP the file to the host, and install via command line.
Not exactly an enterprise solution when you have a few hundred servers.

I setup an IIS site with browse for files and folders and added the .vib extension as a “application\octet-stream”. (this meant the file could be browsed to on a url and downloaded with the .vib extension. (Apache could be used. I’ll let you set that up).

Basically down load the zip from above and extract the vib to a url that is accessible from the hosts. Then use the ESXCLI command from PowerCLI to install the vib.


The script can be modified to install just about any vib. But remember to be careful about vibs that require reboots and stick your hosts in maintenance mode before hand. The PercCLI vib is a non disruptive install.


Follow up on this with reporting from the PercCLI