Install-the-dell-perccli-vib-part-2 Getting a report from it.

This relates to the post install-the-dell-perccli-vib-part-1

Once the PercCli is installed we may want to actually use it to report back some things about the percCli.  For me the point of installing the PercCLI was to then report on whether this node was ready for vSan with firmware / drivers etc in the report.

The environment consists of  Dell 730xd with “Perc H730p Mini” installed.

The vSan compatability matrix for these is here

The Scriptbelow connects to a vCenter Gets a report back for the nodes in a specified cluster Using the PercCli.

We also have a Build password for new builds that is different from the live hosts,  and hosts could be set to have the build password or the current root password.

So for that I’ve added a Validate-root Function that works out what password the host currently has.

You may want to set the Debugprefernce on PowerShell to see whats going on.

Before Running you’ll need to update Lines 116 (to the location of your url with the percli)

And look at the lines for the default build user name and password..

The script connects to the SSH of the ESXi host and then Runs PercCLI commands.  (It also installs PercCLI if not installed)


The output from the function looks like the following for each node.


Which can be easily then manipulated into a report something like